What is a Radius Map?

What is a Radius Map?

A radius map typically is a map that gives you an estimate of an area with a circle around a specific distance.  With custom radius maps you have the ability to point a given set of coordinates and draw a circle, or circles around that point.

  • Most radius maps provide details that include interstates, state highways, ZIP code boundaries, cities and towns and much more detail.

Haven’t you ever wondering how far you are from a specific area?

There is always the old-fashioned way by using a paper map and using scale of miles and a ruler. But now you can use our online map radius tool to show you at a glance which destination are within a given distance.

While using a map radius can help you determine vacations spots, the major appeal is partly psychological. Many people are not good at estimating distances but using a radius map provides a unique way to help you determine your specific location to the area radius around.

Custom Radius Wall Maps are great for businesses that have sales territories.

The custom radius map can outline specific territories that sales people have to cover. Or what about restaurants that need to determine how far they have to deliver to a specific location? Pizza delivery restaurants could refer to their custom radius wall map and easily determine whether or not they can deliver to a certain address in a given area.


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