Awesome Map: Unrealized City Plans

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Thinking about the what-ifs in life can be exciting, terrifying or anything in-between. Have you ever thought about the things that could have affected your everyday life?

What if the Boston T System had been expanded in 1954? Would it be easier to travel from the suburbs to the city?  What if a network of elevated highways existed in San Francisco? Would it allow commuters to sleep 15 minutes later in the morning?Would there still be traffic gridlock in Los Angeles if they had maintained a solid network of trolleys? These are questions that will never be answered, but it still makes you wonder..

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Whatever happened to the unrealized city plans that were rejected, underfunded, or just never came to fruition? Hyperreal Cartography and the Unrealized City has discovered these fascinating maps.  Scroll through them and you’ll see the ghosts of city plans that could have changed the cities that you love.

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Photos credited: hyperreal cartography & the unrealized city

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