Our Favorite Travel Guide Sites for Your Dream Destination

Our Favorite Travel Guide Sites for Your Dream Destination

Before the technological revolution, planning your trip involved shopping for paper-based maps and travel guides or directly contacting a travel agency that would make your dream destination come true for a little (and sometimes more than little) extra cash. Not anymore. Virtually most of the more famous print travel guides now have online counterparts. And a lot of the new travel guides are only online based. Planning your dream destination has never been easier – the only two components you need are one gadget (laptop, smartphone or tablet) and Internet access.

The vast variety of online based travel guides offers valuable information for any type of traveler. Here are some interesting suggestions that will help you plan your trip.

1. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is one of the most famous travel guide publishers out there. The rich and informative database is a result of years of personal travel and editing of guidebooks. Lonely Planet advocates for responsible travel and has based its entire philosophy around the sustainability of traveling. With hundreds of print editions and maps, Lonely Planet is considered to be one of the most trusted publishers of travel guides and although the website doesn’t support a mobile version, there are several iPhone, Nokia and Android apps available for guiding your adventure along the way.

2. Wikitravel

The Wikipedia of travel – an open source travel guide with more than 20 000 destinations and vast variety of articles, written and edited by Wikitravelers from around the globe. Rich database of useful information for everything from history, climate and culture, getting there and around, sightseeing, shopping, eating and much more. The Wikitravel website automatically detects access from mobile devices and reformats itself for mobile viewing, which allows you to check viable information while being on the road.

3. Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is an online travel guide, which enables travelers to plan their perfect trip. The website offers trusted advices from real travelers and a wide variety of planning tools, including links to booking flights and hotels. TripAdvisor is one of the largest travel communities in the world with more than 75 million reviews and opinions on destinations, accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The website is equipped with a mobile version as well as smartphone apps.

4. Tripwolf

Tripwolf is considered the social travel guide – a personal online travel guide that combines traditional travel information from professional travel writers, as well as up-to-the-minute travel tips from thousands of travelers from around the world. Tripwolf is offering more than half a million destinations, city guides, personal recommendations and travel blogs. The social structure of the website allows asking an experienced traveler for specific details or travel advices concerning a certain destination. The travel guide has an app for both iPhone and Android phones with maps and free updates.

5. Arrival guides

Arrival guides is the world’s largest network for free travel guides – an entirely web-based source that offers all of its travel guides as free, high-quality PDF downloads. The travel guides are available in several languages, including the local language spoken at the destination.

6. Let’s Go Travel guides

For over 50 years Let’s Go travel guides publishes budget travel guides, written entirely for students by students. Thousands of youngsters who roam around the globe looking for the best possible bargains at both mainstream and offbeat destinations. The website is also equipped with a video gallery – a collection of travel videos  uploaded by the Let’s Go team and users, which allows an interesting preview of a certain destination.

7. Fodor’s 

Fodor’s offers an interesting perspective of the chosen destination, because its guides are entirely written by people who live in the location they write about. The online travel guide does not offer the traditional travel information – it focuses on travel advices and information that the locals are sharing about their habitat. It is an interesting and unique way to experience the chosen destination with guidance from local adventurers.

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