Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas: America’s pleasure oasis, the ultimate escape. Are you planning a mini vacation to this desert gem for a business conference, your best friend’s wedding, or maybe just a luxurious “you-time” weekend, but don’t want to leave your pet behind? Celebrities take their dogs with them wherever they travel, so why shouldn’t you? Finding welcoming accommodations for your four-legged family member need no longer be a daunting task. Below is a list of the top five pet-friendly hotels in Las Vegas.  So go ahead – indulge in some vices and feel free to take your furry friend along for the journey!

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

1. The Bellagio

The Bellagio

Image: Marc Cooper

A Las Vegas landmark luxury resort on the strip, the Bellagio caps our list as the number one pet-friendly hotel. World-famous for their outdoor water display, at this hotel you and your pet will truly feel like celebrities with world-class accommodation. As you enter, the Fiori di Como glass sculpture chandelier designed by world-renowned glass sculptor Dale Chihuly will catch your eye. Stroll through the conservatory and aromatic garden at any time in the year. Literally, you can stop to smell the roses. Coupled with a casino and spa, a fine-art gallery and first-class shopping boutiques, you will always be in the lap of luxury. You can also catch nightly Cirque du Soleil productions that will blow your mind. Enjoy all these incredible amenities side by side with your pet for no additional fee.


2. The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

Image: The Four Seasons

While not a casino hotel, this destination is right on the strip; you’ll be able to enjoy the fast SinCity lifestyle without the noise and chaos of a lobby casino when you head back in at night. Connected to the Mandalay Bay resort, you’ll also have access to the shark reef exhibit and tram access to other parts of the strip. Aside from human luxuries, their pet amenities include food and water bowls, a bed mat, a waste pick-up bag, and even bottled water for your animal companion. The Four Seasons finds itself at number two for one reason only- their 25lb weight limit for dogs could be a bit inhibiting should you own a husky pup.


3. Platinum Hotel

Platinum Hotel

Image: Audley Travel

Luxurious but not so much that it will make you want to cut up your credit cards, this Las Vegas spot exclusively offers suites and is located just two blocks from The Strip. They’ve taken measures to ensure eco-friendliness, a particularly relevant concern in a town where AC—thus unfortunately energy waste—is a necessity. Here you can also pamper your spiritual side with Saturday yoga classes on the pool deck (sign up in the spa). Your pet can enjoy their home away from home with you for a small deposit.


4. The Westin Las Vegas Hotel, Casino and Spa

The Westin

Image: The Westin 

In terms of location, this property can be found in a sweet spot of sorts, situated right between the gritty rush of The Strip and the bustle of the airport. You’ll also enjoy a breakfast buffet, an on-site casino, and a pool and spa complete with a bar — perfect for a day of treating yourself. When checking-in with your pet, you’ll receive a pet bed and food bowl, making this a truly all-inclusive destination.


5. La Quinta Inn and Suites Las Vegas Airport South

La Quinta Inn and Suites

Image: Hotel Look

Conveniently situated near McCarran International Airport, this hotel is anything but what one might expect from a chain. With a welcoming, friendly staff and free shuttle service you’ll feel right at home. Here’s the kicker: pets are allowed with no additional fees.

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