The Top 6 Links Every Female Entrepreneur Should Have Bookmarked

Top 6 links ever female entrepreneur should have

The female entrepreneur world is huge. Add these trustworthy links to your toolkit today.

Pocket – The ultimate bookmarking tool. Save all your important articles & sites with the click of a button. Add tags while bookmarking so you can find everything you need easily. And, did I mention, it’s free!

Get Bullish – Aggressive Lady Advice. How could you go wrong? Not only is this site full of great business advice, but they have a facebook group full of professional ladies from all over the world. It’s my favorite community to consult when I need business advice. Jen, the brains behind Get Bullish, also offers some kick ass webinars. I especially like her Design Your Year webinar. It’s a great way to reflect on where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and where you want to go.

DailyWorth -I don’t like not knowing what something is or how it works. The financial world has been an esoteric one, to me, for too long. Daily Worth is my rosetta stone. This site has articles from the difference between an IRA and a 401K to breaking the myths surrounding money and divorce and a lot of topics in between. So keep your entrepreneur game strong by getting your finances together and keeping them that way.

Mint – Speaking of getting your finances together, Mint is free, easy to use, and worth the minimal time commitment to set up. It connects to all of your bank accounts, credit cards (except Amazon, so frustrating!), student loans, etc. Shows you your credit score and net worth right in the dashboard, which is really helpful. You also get alerts when you have upcoming bills. Another great feature is their goal setting function. You can set a goal of say “Pay off student loan” and use the visual slider to see how long it will take to pay off depending on how much you pay each month. You decide on what works for you and set it. This can also be used to set goals for saving money. They send you a weekly pie chart of where you spent your money so you can catch yourself before you go off track.

Marie Forleo – Sharp and full of personality, Marie Forleo is the woman to “help you create a business and life you love.” She publishes a new video every Tuesday answering questions from her large fan base of driven entrepreneurs. Be sure to check them out. You might just find yourself inspired and more knowledgable after. She offers her famous B-School every year for those of you ready to throw down some serious cash in exchange for some serious growth.

By Regina – Monetize You Epicness! Ready to take that leap and make something of yourself? Regina has your back with videos, guides, articles, and courses to help you turn your dream into something tangible and profitable. I dig her clear communication and relatable style.


Want more? Be sure to stay tuned. Next week I’m posting my Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. It’s full of links to free resources that allow you to run your business on a budget and with ease. is the nation’s leading map superstore and we’re also a custom cartography house with a focus on business solutions. Check out our Solutions page to see how we can help grow your business today.

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