The Single Girl’s Guide to Navigating Valentine’s Day

Single Girl’s Guide to Navigating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day sucks. Well, of course, not for that overzealous couple over there so enveloped in each other they’ve become an amorphous blob of lips and limbs. But for others, the satisfied singles, the proud independents, the happily unhitched, Valentine’s Day is a major downer. No matter how happy you feel about your current solo status, the fact remains that it’s a day that celebrates couples. And when you are not in a couple, either by choice or not, the whole love fest romance thing is like eating too much marzipan—it’ll give you a sickly sweet stomachache.

As the day nears, never fear because here are a few ways you can navigate the red lacy hearts and boxes of chocolates (who needs the calories anyway?) and have a Singles Celebration Day:

Book a little spa time

2413988302_53abd294a1_bImage: Dennis Wong

It’s a cliché, sure, but for good reason. Getting a rubdown by the strong hands of a guy named Brad, giving him a tip and then casually walking out the door can be a little empowering. Think about it; you get to walk out of there in a blissful state of relaxation, and you don’t have to cook him breakfast or pick up after him.

Where the boys are

15159400178_589a55ce41_kImage: Diana Robinson

If you can’t have that sweet piece of beefcake that you want, then go back to the candy store. If you hate the idea of Valentine’s Day because you don’t have a significant other, then don’t be alone. Go somewhere where you can have your pick of men. Alaska, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Nevada had the highest ratio of men to women in the last census. Book a trip and you’ve just tilted the odds in your favor.

Hit the gym, or the bar, or the soccer field

11000100175_05bc8e86bf_kImage: Sascha Wenninger 

Some of the population will be coupled up and celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some of the population will be pining away for a lost love or hating on the holiday. You really don’t want to do either. So go where Valentine’s Day is on no one’s mind. Get your workout in, or go to a sports bar or any other male-dominated place where sports take all the attention. It is a biological impossibility (not scientifically verified but it has to be true) that the brain can’t think of sports and mushy heart-shaped sentiments at the same time.

Play matchmaker


Host a low-key get-together for all of your single friends. Make it a pizza party or movie party, or anything that doesn’t evoke Valentine’s Day. This works best if you can widen your circle to include a wide variety of friends. Hang out, feel the love, introduce friends, and maybe some sparks will fly.

Spread the love

14053034088_9b6365057e_kImage: Jim Lukach

Embrace the day for its emphasis on love rather than its emphasis on couples. Bake cookies and give them to loved ones—or take them to a senior citizens home. Make heart-shaped love notes with your nieces and nephews. Send a card to a friend who is bummed about being alone on Valentine’s Day. For all its hearts and flowers, the holiday is really about expressing love. So show yours by doing something special for the environment, for a friend or loved one, or for humanity in general, and redefine the day.

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