The 5 Video Marketing Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them

Video Marketing Mistakes

With faster internet speeds becoming more common place, video marketing has become a more popular choice for businesses to reach their target audience, feature their products, and build a more loyal following. Amy Porterfield has a great podcast about what you’re doing wrong in video. I’ve made a short cheat sheet for you below, but be sure to check out the full podcast here.

1. Funky Camera Work

funk camera work

Filming with your phone? Be sure to hold your phone horizontally (landscape), like a movie screen, instead of vertically(portrait). Nip that shaky camera work in the bud by investing in a tripod and always be sure to focus!

2. Lighting


A common video mistake is not having enough lighting. Put more light on YOUR SUBJECT! Then record a test shot to see if the lighting is too much or too little. With too much lighting, facial features will be blown out ie. their face will look so bright you can usually only see their eyes and lips but their nose disappears. Too little lighting and your subject remains hidden in shadow. Play around with different arrangements, but usually lighting someone face on, is the most flattering. Extreme angled lighting can highlight bags under the eyes, create an extra chin, or enhance other features your subject may want to minimize.

3. Bad Audio


How long have you spent listening to a video where it is near impossible to hear the presenter? Don’t lose traffic over such an easy fix. Use lapel mics, a Yeti microphone (my favorite), or look for an iPhone Microphone on amazon. You can find solutions for around $20.

4. Being Boring

Being boring

This doesn’t mean you need to be the life of the party, just be passionate about your subject and your audience will respond.

5. Not Doing Video

Not doing video

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