Thailand: Khao Lom Muak

Khao Lom Muak:

Last week we talked about what should know before tackling the 990 foot tall climb of Khao Lom Muak. This week, here are some other logistics that would be super helpful to you as you are prepping for your adventure.

The view of Khao Lom Muak from the beach below.

Jutting out of the middle of Two Beautiful Bays



The fastest way to get to the start of the climb is this: right after you check in, take the first available road on your left. Continue to follow the road until you see the memorial wall for the attack in WWII. The road then makes a sharp bend to the right. Immediately following that, take the next left down the tree-lined road. You will see the sign-in tent on your right where this road dead-ends.


To cross the landing strip, you must pass a checkpoint. You must surrender your passport at the checkpoint—they give you a badge in return. This is why I recommended bringing a photocopy—I hate giving up my passport unless absolutely necessary. Just remember you have to head out the same way so that you can collect your passport again. Do not lose the badge.


At the bottom of the mountain, you will see the tent near the bicycle parking. Head straight there—they will ask you to sign in, and to leave your name, a contact number, and where you are from.


You will need to arrive on some sort of transportation, be it bike, motorbike, or car. They don’t allow you to simply walk into the Base.

A Few Things You Should Know

  • Up, Up, and Away!

    Most people expect that it will take them about an hour to reach the top. But I found that because I went early, beat the crowds, and moved fast—I was able to easily make it up in half that. But take your time. it’s a beautiful climb up, with lots of terrific opportunities for photos.

  • Respect the Rules

    Important! Make sure you don’t take pictures of the Air Force Base from the top. You will see signs as reminders on the way up—they don’t mind if you take pictures of everything else, just make sure you avoid the small spit of land with the Base specifically. Remember, you are a guest on military property.

  • The Tippy Top

    People are not climbing this mountain solely for the view. There is actually a small temple at the top, where people come to to pay their respects.

Till next week, folks.
And remember, never stop adventuring!

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