Thailand: Khao Lom Muak: Before You Go

Khao Lom Muak: A gorgeous bird’s-eye view

Get ready to work for your view—Khao Lom Muak is 990 feet tall! The climb starts with stairs and then becomes a steep rocky trail that is zig-zagged with large static ropes to aid your upward progress and the long slippery descent. Because of the difficult terrain, the military posts soldiers at different points along the trail to give a helping hand if you need one.

The climb is possible for almost anyone in decent physical shape, but do not feel like you have to rush to the summit. The route itself is very enjoyable, with many scenic viewpoints, perfect for a rest as you reach different levels.

You can see Khao Lom Muak in the distance.

Jutting out of the middle of Two Beautiful Bays


The mountain is only open on Thai public holidays that are at least
days long

While it may seem silly to have such restrictions placed on the access to this mountain, remember that the military oversees this adventure due to the large number of injuries and rescues that have happened in the past. Hundreds of people come to make the climb, and staffing the trail was the military’s solution to making sure the somewhat tricky climbing is done safely.

Planning Tips

  • Call Ahead

    If you want to check ahead to see when the mountain will be open, the most reliable way to find out is to call the Prachuap Tourism Office. Try the Prachuap Tourism Office at any of these numbers: (032 513 885) or (032 513 871) or (032 513 854).

  • Beat the Heat

    Show up early. I recommend being at the gates of the Air Force Base at 6 AM. That means that after you check in, you can start up the mountain by 6:30 AM. It is really hot and humid; starting up the mountain early means that you will have a chance of beating the heat.

  • Dodge the Crowd

    Here’s more incentive—starting early means that you also have the chance to beat the crowds. Due to the popularity of this climb, the military has begun allotting different starting times so that the trail does not become overcrowded. If you come later, don’t be surprised if you have to wait until your allotted heat.

Come Prepared!

At the Wing 5 gate, you will be asked to sign in. You will need to copy some information off your passport, like your passport number and the date that your passport expires. At the point you cross the landing strip, they will take it from you. Make sure you bring a copy or you will be have to turn back.

Packing List

Stay tuned for next week where I will share some more goodies about this climb!

Till next week, folks.
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