Plan Your Evil Dead Weekend with These Secluded Cabin Locations

Evil Dead Weekend

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The weekend was chosen, friends invited, and all your Evil plans laid—Evil Dead plans that is. All except where to host your Evil Dead marathon weekend. Location can truly bump up the scare level on your plans. Think about it- watching a marathon in your living room just doesn’t have the same ambiance as watching it in the solitude of a dimly lit and remote cabin in the woods. So for the perfect touch to your plans, check out these secluded cabin locations that offer some outdoor fun and adventure during the day while lending just the right atmosphere for an Evil Dead marathon at night.

Secluded Cabins, Holmes County, Ohio

One of the biggest must-haves for your Evil Dead weekend is a secluded cabin- something rustic enough to let you know you’re away from the urban hustle and bustle but comfortable enough to allow you to let down your guard. A secluded cabin in the midst of Mohican Country might just be the right fit. Check out Secluded The name says it all: Secluded. The cabins are located on 200 acres in Holmes County, Ohio. There is plenty of canoeing, snow skiing, hiking and more, nearby. The location is also close to Amish Country and the Mohican State Forest and would make a great base for your movie madness weekend.


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Deer Ridge Cabin and Lake, Logan, Ohio

The Hocking Hills of Ohio are said to be haunted by several entities. What better way to set the scene for your Evil Dead weekend than in a secluded cabin in an area rumored to be alive with visits from the undead? In particular, the area near Zaleski State Forest near Old Man’s Cave is especially active.

The best plan of action is to stay at a cabin close enough to give you creepies but far enough away that you know you’ll be safe from anything that goes bump in the night. Stay at Deer Ridge Cabin and Lake in Logan, Ohio, for a movie fest surrounded by cascading waterfalls and rolling hills- and it’s just five minutes from Old Man’s Cave.


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Fox Fire Cabins, Vanderpool, Texas

If you are on a honeymoon, having no cell reception or TV sounds like a romantic notion. However, during an Evil Dead marathon weekend it can add to the fun, so plan a stay at the Fox Fire Cabins. They may not offer electronic diversions, but these rustic, secluded Vanderpool, Texas cabins offer plenty of outdoor activities like swimming, horseshoes and wildlife watching. Located in the rural setting of Texas Hill Country, most of the cabins are on the Sabinal River or a live creek that feeds the river. Oh, and if you are wondering how you will watch your Evil Dead marathon without a TV, Fox Fire Cabins has WIFI available in the main lodge.


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Whistling Elk Ranch, Colorado

Undisturbed landscape and wildlife surround Whistling Elk Ranch in Rand, Colorado. Set amidst the incredible Rocky Mountains, Whistling Elk Ranch is electronics-free, meaning no cell or WIFI reception. But they offer plenty of mountain activities. Whistling Elk Ranch cabins as well as tent camping and even tipi rentals. Moose, deer, elk, bear and antelope run on the property. Have your own movie nights, leaving your days free to take in the serene atmosphere.


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Treebones in Big Sur, California

The name itself adds a bit of drama. Treebones in Big Sur, California , is a glamping adventure in which you can stay in a comfortable yurt in the seclusion of Big Sur chaparral. For the even more adventurous, stay in the human nest, perched in the trees overlooking the ocean. Though there is no electricity, showers or bathrooms in the yurts, you can always bring an extra laptop battery pack and your DVDs to get your Evil Dead scare on. Then see who is willing to make the trip to the public restroom alone. Spooky.


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