What is a Political Map?

What is a Political Map?

The first map that most children encounter, other than the treasure maps of pirate stories, is likely to be a political map, though most will never hear that phrase associated with the object in front of them.

Where is the Ohio Valley?

Ohio Valley

The Ohio Valley usually refers to the Ohio River Valley or that area that surrounds the legendary river. Some people will use the shorthand of the Ohio Valley to refer specifically to the upper part of the Ohio River Valley rather than the entire course of the River.

How Many Tectonic Plates are There in the World?

Tectonic Plates

Following the devastating earthquake in Japan, many people were made aware of the importance of tectonic plates and the role that they play in causing earthquakes. A good earth’s tectonic plates map will outline the seven primary tectonic plates, but it may not show the entire picture.

What Countries are in the Northern Hemisphere?

Northern Hemisphere

The literal definition of hemisphere is “half sphere” which may lead people to believe that the Northern Hemisphere would include half the countries of the world and half the population. This is a mistaken assumption. In actuality, a vast majority of the land on the planet is located in the Northern Hemisphere and around 90% of the world’s population lives there.

What is the Largest River in the World?

What is the Largest River in the World?

As with most attempts to rank natural bodies, the question of the largest river in the world has multiple answers. This is because the idea of largest is inexact. Does largest mean longest? If so, then the answer is the Egypt’s Nile river. However, most people take largest to mean physical volume of water, in which case the largest river … Read More

What is Ireland’s Elevation?

What is Ireland's Elevation?

As the third largest island in Europe, Ireland is actually surrounded by hundreds of other islands. Comprising over 68,800 square kilometers, the country sports a variety of geographic features, from coastline that falls below sea level to low-lying mountains surrounding a large central plain. The majority of the island sits at sea level, or an elevation of 0 meters.

Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change

Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change

Scientists from McGill University in Canada have cross referenced climate and emissions data with census information to map populations most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.