Geo-Joint: Roaming the Llano Estacado

Texas is a big state. It’s so doggone big that it has a broad variety of landscapes and geographic regions, and these regions themselves are sizeable. One of them is the Llano Estacado. It covers a vast amount of the western part of the state, from the Canadian River near Amarillo in the north down to the Midland/Odessa area in … Read More

Geo-Joint: Going Toe-to-Toe on Hans Island

If you had to name two of the “nicest” nations on the planet, you might think of Canada and Denmark. They just don’t cause a lot of trouble in the world, and the last thing you’d expect is a border dispute between the two. Well, of course not, right? They’re nowhere near each other! Ah, but as a matter of … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Karst Spires of Guilin

We generally think of mountains as tall, broad ridges–a sort of wall of stone. Rocky structures aren’t often found as distinct entities, with a small base and a narrow, steep-sided body. Occasionally, such promontories stick up above the surrounding lands, like Devil’s Tower or the sandstone pinnacles of Monument Valley, but these are solitary, or few in number, and catch … Read More

Geo-Joint: A Fiendish Stay on Devil’s Island

Island life is generally thought of as desirable, being distant, scenic, and peacefully isolated. Throw in a tropical location, and the notion becomes dreamlike. Unfortunately for a lot of unlucky individuals over the course of about a hundred years, such a location was a living nightmare. In 1852, the government of French Emperor Napoleon III needed a place to send … Read More

Celebrate International Map Day! Announces Launch of International Map

“Here at, we love to celebrate maps. What better way to celebrate than to give Maps their own day!” – JOHN GLANVILLE, MAPS.COM CEO is excited to inaugurate International Map Day on February 3rd. Why this date? February 3rd is Ferdinand Magellan’s birthday, and he is the explorer credited with the first circumnavigation of the Earth, and therefore … Read More Announces International Map Day Announces International Map Day

RE: INTERNATIONAL MAP DAY 2019 LOCATION: SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA DATE: JANUARY 29, 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, the recognized leader for geographic content and services, and twenty-five-year industry stalwart, is proud to launch the First Annual International Map Day, on February 3, 2019 (with observance on February 4), a global day to celebrate maps, geography, and all those who … Read More

Geo-Joint: Pretty Lakes in Pink

There are some lakes, like Tahoe, that can be crystal clear. Even those rare bodies are increasingly plagued by incursions of pollution or sediment that mar the clarity to some extent. And most lakes don’t come close to that kind of visibility, especially in summer when warmer water is so conducive to the growth of algae. Green, then, is a … Read More

Geo-Joint: Making Yourself at Home on Mars

There are a thousand and one places to go on this planet, and each dictates its own set of preparations for a successful trip. Even so, terrestrial destinations all have some similarity when compared to leaving this planet entirely and heading for another. That kind of excursion will require a good bit of time cooped up in a tin can … Read More

The Anniversary of a National Park: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon became a national park on February 26, 1919. President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill that established the park under the National Park Service (NPS). The canyon was not the first park to receive this honor. As early as 1872, Congress made Yellowstone the nation’s first national park. At that time, however, the National Park Service (NPS) did … Read More

The Growth of United States Presidential Power

  BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT The United States has three branches of government: legislative, judicial, and executive. Each branch plays a different role in American democracy. The legislative branch includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. These two houses of Congress make the country’s laws. The judicial branch includes the Supreme Court. The Court’s nine justices interpret and make rulings … Read More