Doldrums – Maps and Diagrams

Doldrums - Maps and Diagrams

Air in motion – it’s a constant and unstoppable feature of life on the Earth, given that the planet is endlessly spinning on its axis and variably warmed by our Mr. Sun.

Fog Harvesting in Western South America

Fog Harvesting

People live all over the planet, but life is tough where there is little water. Desert populations are low, unless you can import water, or suck it from ancient underground aquifers as has been done in Arizona and Saudi Arabia. But even without the help of pipelines, water trucks, or drilling wells, some communities in lands of very sparse rainfall have found a way to get enough water to live comfortably. Do you know how they get it?

On the Map: Ellis Island

Ellis Island

People enter the US of A at a great number of immigration stations in cities at our nation’s margins. Despite the best efforts of the INS, many arrive through unofficial portals. But a vast number of newcomers passed through a particular point on their way into this country.

Gold Leaf Easter Egg Maps

Gold Leaf Easter Egg

Easter is just around the corner and we can’t help but share these clever gold leaf Easter egg globes by Sugar and Charm. Though these map eggs look difficult and time consuming, she assures they are not.

Natural Maps: Recreated Coral Reef Art

Reef Art

Map art at its finest. Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser recently completed a new series of coral reefs that she painstakingly recreates using rolled bits of paper and acrylic paint. Ahead of her upcoming exhibition at the Architectural Digest Home Show, Genser sat down with All Things Paper for a brief interview.

Krakatoa – East of What???

Krakatoa – East of What???

Krakatoa Well, the first thing to fix on that movie title from 1969 is the spelling of “Krakatoa”, which should be “Krakatau”.  But more importantly, Krakatau is located between Java and the island of Sumatra, and it is decidedly west of, not east of, Java.  Guess “east” must have sounded more exotic to the Hollywood title creators.  But Krakatau is … Read More

Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?

Why do we have Daylight Saving Time?

Dragging a little bit today? Sleep deprived, perhaps? Maybe it’s the hour of sleep you lost a couple of days ago when we set our clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time. What? You forgot? So that’s why you’ve been late to work for two days! But seriously, do you know why we change our clocks twice a year, and the effect it has (or doesn’t have) on the nation?

A World in a Drop of Water

A world in a drop of water

There are so many factors who will influence the result – the viscosity of the water ,the height of the drops, the nozzle size even the temperature of the water.

Awesome Map: Music Map of British Bands

Awesome Maps

From The Beatles to Blur, Manic Street Preachers to Madness, Suede to Slade, The Smiths to The Stones and lots in between. East London artist Pello did something wonderful by producing this clever map, illustrating which areas various British bands originate from. It’s available to buy as an A2 print. If you like this one, you’ll really get a kick out of … Read More

25 Ways to Repurpose Old Maps

25 Ways to Repurpose Old Maps

Have you ever done anything more with a book other than read it? Have you ever torn out pages in succession, putting them in neat piles to be cut into different shapes right before gluing them back together in a precise design of perfect patterns? Chances are you are either nodding excitedly or gasping in horror. If you’re of the … Read More