6 Best Retreats for the Yogi

Best Retreats for the Yogi

Yoga is especially relaxing if you are practicing it on a beach, in a tropical jungle, or on a remote mountaintop. So here are six of the best yoga retreats.

Geo- Joint: Water’s Everywhere?

Water's Everywhere

Only about 2.5% of all water on earth is fresh water. Of that fresh water, nearly 70% is frozen in glaciers and icecaps, and about 30% is in groundwater, at depth.

6 Places You Are Most Likely to Have a Close Encounter

Close Encounter

Some say all the answers rest in the elongated heads of superior beings from outer space. So to increase your odds of meeting such a superior being—or to avoid a meeting—go where they go. Here are 6 places you are most likely to have a close encounter.

Awesome Map: Twitter and Flickr Activity

Popular Female Names Maps

Information travels at the speed of light due to the incredible efficiency of social interaction on the internet. This collection of maps shows the locations of Twitter and Flickr activity around the world.

National Geographic Maps

National Geographic Maps

One of my favorite pastimes as a kid was pretending to be Indiana Jones traveling the world and discovering all of the amazing cultures in it. I would plan it out by using National Geographic maps. The rustic aesthetics of the maps made for a perfect adventure map. National Geographic maps contained both physical features and political boundaries. My two … Read More

Awesome Map: Popular Female Names Maps

Popular Female Names Maps

The two year craze over the name Isabella, the main character of Twilight, was parallel to the rise in popularity that series of movies and books. Was it a coincidence? I guess we’ll never know, but it does make you wonder.

5 Hidden Waterfront Campgrounds

5 Hidden Waterfront Campgrounds

Fond memories of childhood camping sticks with us and encourages us to give our families the same experience. Whether you are a couple or a family, these five hidden waterfront campgrounds will suit anyone looking for that adventurous and outdoorsy getaway for the final weeks of summer.

Awesome Maps: Mass Transit Map Art

Popular Female Names Maps

Whatever you utilize public transportation for, it’s clear that subway systems are more than just a way to get commuters from point A to point B. They’re the veins of the cities, bringing life to the various districts and areas that you love.