A Bloody Good Time in Transylvania


Transylvanian nights are as dark as any others, and they do get a fair amount of rain and cool temperatures, but the reputation for scary evil is nothing more than the result of a novel written by an Irishman in the late 19th century.

Geo-Joint: Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam

China devised a way to tame the Yangtze. In a narrow part of its course, where it would drown three famous gorges, a massive dam would rise.

7 Ghost Towns Worth a Visit

Ghost Towns

When it comes to travel, usually the road less crowded is the best. Next time you get the itch to travel, why not skip the endless lines, long waits, and aggressive traffic, and visit someplace a little more laid back? How about way laid back?

Geo-Joint: Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney

Here in sunny California we have a gem of a mountain range, the Sierra Nevada. And in the southern part of that range stands Mt.Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48.

Summertime is Over: Maps as Memories

Summertime is Over

As your thoughts start drifting toward packing away those summer clothes, don’t let summer stray too far from your thoughts. Keep those memories alive every now and then with a few guaranteed memory catchers.

Scottish Independence

Scottish Independence

Though they have been united for centuries, a seemingly inseparable pair may be about to part ways. England and Scotland have not always gotten along, but since 1707 they have been bound together (along with Wales) as Great Britain.