The Salton Sea: A Beautiful Tragedy

Salton Sea

Photo: DisputedWaters Way down south, lapping across the border of Riverside and Imperial counties, lies the Salton Sea.  It wasn’t always there, even in relatively modern times.  In fact it wasn’t until 1905 that this below-sea-level depression in the desert got accidentally filled because an irrigation diversion canal from the nearby Colorado River failed to control its flow.  The diverted … Read More

Awesome Map Monday: A Blustery Map

Popular Female Names Maps

What is it? Wind, of course! You may remember this tricky riddle that J.R.R. Tolkien included in a memorable scene in his novel, The Hobbit. Wind has fascinated humans for centuries. It’s not just the invisible thing that creates bad hair days and carries away your newspaper; it actually controls weather patterns. Have you ever wondered where it comes from?

How Do Streets Get Named?

How Do Streets Get Named?

Do you live on a road? Or a lane? Or maybe you live on an avenue? What’s the difference? Who decided whether your motor pathway is called a street or a boulevard? And how did it come to be boring “Maple Dr.” or too-clever “Tennis Ct.”? As I can personally attest, there are millions of streets in the US of … Read More

Doldrums – Maps and Diagrams

Doldrums - Maps and Diagrams

Air in motion – it’s a constant and unstoppable feature of life on the Earth, given that the planet is endlessly spinning on its axis and variably warmed by our Mr. Sun.

Fog Harvesting in Western South America

Fog Harvesting

People live all over the planet, but life is tough where there is little water. Desert populations are low, unless you can import water, or suck it from ancient underground aquifers as has been done in Arizona and Saudi Arabia. But even without the help of pipelines, water trucks, or drilling wells, some communities in lands of very sparse rainfall have found a way to get enough water to live comfortably. Do you know how they get it?

On the Map: Ellis Island

Ellis Island

People enter the US of A at a great number of immigration stations in cities at our nation’s margins. Despite the best efforts of the INS, many arrive through unofficial portals. But a vast number of newcomers passed through a particular point on their way into this country.

Gold Leaf Easter Egg Maps

Gold Leaf Easter Egg

Easter is just around the corner and we can’t help but share these clever gold leaf Easter egg globes by Sugar and Charm. Though these map eggs look difficult and time consuming, she assures they are not.

Natural Maps: Recreated Coral Reef Art

Reef Art

Map art at its finest. Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser recently completed a new series of coral reefs that she painstakingly recreates using rolled bits of paper and acrylic paint. Ahead of her upcoming exhibition at the Architectural Digest Home Show, Genser sat down with All Things Paper for a brief interview.

Krakatoa – East of What???

Krakatoa – East of What???

Krakatoa Well, the first thing to fix on that movie title from 1969 is the spelling of “Krakatoa”, which should be “Krakatau”.  But more importantly, Krakatau is located between Java and the island of Sumatra, and it is decidedly west of, not east of, Java.  Guess “east” must have sounded more exotic to the Hollywood title creators.  But Krakatau is … Read More