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It is no surprise to Californians that the cities across their state are vastly different. Comparing  San Francisco to Los Angeles is like comparing apples to oranges. California is 770 miles long and houses both forests and desert climates. These differences have cultivated loyalty to Southern or Northern California among the state’s residents; however, the line between Southern and Northern California is subjective and is a matter of frequent debate. blog

Our cartographers were curious to see where the hypothetical line actually lies. They have created this fun survey (survey is closed) to gather the opinions of California residents and use them to create a map that divides the Golden State in two. The survey inquires about favorite California sports teams, typical footwear and linguistic differences like using “the” before a freeway or highway number. Take the survey (survey is closed) and see where your true loyalty lies.

We have also created a NorCal v. SoCal Facebook page to delve further into the discussion. Through these Facebook comments, we have discovered that the passionate locals of Bishop, California believe that their culture is so different from the rest of California, that they should become part of Nevada. Help us create the dividing line and put an end to the argument between NorCal and SoCal residents, so that all Californians can live together in peace and harmony…or at least pretend to.


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