Announces International Map Day Announces International Map Day

DATE: JANUARY 29, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, the recognized leader for geographic content and services, and twenty-five-year industry stalwart, is proud to launch the First Annual International Map Day, on February 3, 2019 (with observance on February 4), a global day to celebrate maps, geography, and all those who love maps! We chose this day, Ferdinand Magellan’s birthday, in honor and recognition of his contribution to our understanding of the world through his first-ever circumnavigation of the earth.

“We at live this every day, so we’re naturally excited! Additionally, the choice of February 3rd aligns Magellan’s birthday with our company, as we were originally known as Magellan Geographix! There is a nice connection from our beginnings to one of the world’s renowned navigators,” stated John Glanville, CEO and President of

Most people have a cursory understanding of maps. Ask them more about it, and their love of a “good map” expands into a passion for geography. Have them draw their own map, and you will get a variety of interesting pictures. It tells one so much about how we understand the space and place that we occupy and how it affects us.

“We are starting this because we want to share the passion, the love, and the knowledge of knowing where you are and where you’re going. Geography is fun and so much more. I encourage you to stop by and look up International Map Day. There are standard maps (of course) and lots of cool stuff to try out, like interactive maps! Let us know when you come by and pick up your map of Magellan’s Circumnavigation!”

Located on the International Map Day page is a variety of content including:

You can also find a variety of maps, globes, and atlases relevant to the Age of Exploration every day at

Digging deeper, you will be fascinated by how discoveries made half a millennium ago impact our world today! What better way to get in touch with your inner navigator than to find a wonderful map, atlas or travel guide, globe, and more, to set the mind on fire and the feet in motion to your next adventure! logo

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