A World in a Drop of Water

A world in a drop of water

We can’t help but get excited about creativity when it comes to maps, and we must say – German photographer Markus Reugels‘ water world collection astounds us.

A World in a Drop of Water

Depicted above: a perfect droplet of water in front of a map, captured to resemble a little Earth – high-speed liquid photography at its finest.

A World in a Drop of Water

He says: ‘My pictures of the water drops are all taken with my self made setup rig – all handmade out of wood.

‘I fix all my valves and flashes tot he contraption, and can put the image I want to project behind the dripping water.

‘Sometimes I take 500 pictures and only a couple of them are really perfect in my opinion.

A World in a Drop of Water

‘I start each series with a goal in my head, but every time is different, so you can plan much but usually it turns out differently.

‘There are so many factors who will influence the result – the viscosity of the water ,the height of the drops, the nozzle size even the temperature of the water.”

‘I started taking the pictures after I saw some simple water drop pictures in a German photography community website, and was inspired to try it myself.’


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