Keenan’s Trip to Japan – Sendai

Update #4


Sendai was quite a change from the other places we have been. Instead of a backwater, Sendai is a large cosmopolitan city. It seemed more grounded than the other cities we have been to. Sendai, unlike any of the previous cities, felt like it was fairly wealthy with its large extravagant buildings and expensive stores. Sendai seemed like a place where people would move to from miles around to get a better job or have more things to do. Sendai is the largest city we will go to other than Tokyo, so it is no surprise that it has so much going on. Strangely, the people we saw in the city were almost exclusively Japanese, and it seems like it is relatively undiscovered by non-Japanese people.

One day, we went to a town called Kakunodate—visiting less-urban places has been one of our favorite things to do. Kakunodate is a small village with a large historical section, full of samurai homes. It also has a long line of cherry blossom trees which I’m sure would be gorgeous when they bloom. If you find yourself in Tohoku I recommend you visit via the Akita Shinkansen, part of Japan’s very efficient bullet train system.
Keenan Macklin

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