Keenan’s Trip to Japan – Nikko

Update #3

Hello again,
Going through the town of Nikko was a far different experience than any other we’ve had so far in Japan. A tourist town through and through, Nikko is quite a beautiful place to visit.
The town is nestled in the mountains and forests of the northern Kanto region and has an incredible array of things to do. We saw quite a few tourists from outside of Japan, and Nikko felt more like a destination than anywhere else we’ve been to in Japan. On the first day of being in Nikko, we went to buy an all-inclusive pass to see the sights, but the pass is only good for two days, and it becomes active the day you buy it. This meant that we would have wasted half of our pass by buying it late in the day of our arrival. So we walked to our hotel, and then got food poisoning the next day! After taking a nap till noon, we got up and went to the grave of Leyasu, the first Tokugawa shogun. This was very impressive, and we concluded the day with a look at the shrines and temples surrounding the gravesite.
On the next day, we took a short bus ride up to the highest lake in Japan, and we walked around it. It was a very pretty area with some good restaurants near the bus station. We enjoyed the temple on the opposite side of the lake very much. On the last day in Nikko, we went to a place called Kanmangafuchi Abyss. This area was very private and beautiful, and we loved the scenery of the many Buddha statues along the river. Overall, Nikko was a great place to spend three days.
Thank you,
Keeanan Macklin


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