Keenan’s Trip to Japan – Yudanaka

Update #1

We flew into Japan two days ago and I have only really had a chance to catch my bearings in the last day. So far, we have mostly been in transit from Tokyo to Nagano. Right now, we’re about an hour out of Nagano, in a small village based around a hot spring called Yudanaka.

People have been kind but distant, as expected. My Japanese is about as good as most people’s English, which is to say, not good. We took a hike earlier today, at the end of which we saw the famous “hot spring monkeys.”

This excursion ran us about $40 but would probably have been more if we hadn’t gone on foot. The most interesting part of the trip so far is the sense of decay the whole town gives off. I suppose Nagano is a long way off from being the Olympic host it once was.

That’s about it so far. I’ll keep you posted,


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