Keenan’s Trip to Japan – Toyama

Update #2

The next place we visited on our trip was the city of Toyama. Once again, we took a train a little out of the city and happened to stay in a town called Etchu Yatsuo. While there, we stayed in a house called Oyatsu.

It was very nice to be in a larger and more convenient place than our last hotel. The house looked to be an old sake parlor and roadside station that had been converted into a guest house. The owner, Yudai, was very nice and helpful, and he was able to speak English quite well. He was kind enough to show us around town one day and take us to his favorite sushi restaurant the other day. We were able to meet many locals during our stay, and everyone was very friendly. We were even on Japanese television one day, because they wanted to know why we had come to Toyama. On the last day we were there, we went into the city of Toyama and took a walk to the castle at the center of town.

The castle has a small historic museum inside, and it was interesting to learn more about the shogun era. During our last night, we were taken to a local Japanese restaurant by the kind owner. We ordered sushi and some fried fish, and it was good. We were also given some lotus roots filled with mustard, which to me was not as good. All in all, this was a great part of the trip, and it certainly beat Nagano for us.

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