Interior Decorating: If Your Walls Could Talk

Walls Could Talk

map wallpaper

Every person has a story that deserves to be told. Why not bring your story to life with a wall map? The only obstacle is that a mountain of maps is required to tell a lifetime of stories. How about positioning all of those beautiful maps on your wall as wallpaper? Tell the story of your favorite family vacation. Tell the story of your honeymoon trip. Tell the story of your semester studying abroad in college. It sounds like a great alternative to that floral wallpaper that you’ve been meaning to tear down.

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map wallpaper

The inspired room has written some helpful tips for putting map wallpaper in your home. This unique and beautiful map design will brighten up any hallway. So forget about that standard white paint because now you can tell a story with your wallpaper.

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map wallpaper

Do you have a story that is dying to be told?  Let your walls tell it.

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Photos via: the inspired room 

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