Instagram: 5 Simple Ways to Get More Followers and Likes


Instagram has now become a powerful social media tool. Basically everyone has an Instagram account, and they are all addicted to it. Whether you are just looking for some new friends, enjoy photographic expression, or have a business that you are looking to promote, Instagram is for you. Here are five simple ways to get more Instagram followers and likes.

1. Schedule


Set yourself a schedule of times to post, and stick to it. Your followers like consistency – if they expect you to post every day, make sure you post every day. Your schedule might be only posting weekly or bi-weekly. Whatever it is, be regular. If you can stick to posting at about the same time of day, that will also help.


2. Theme


If you really want to build a following, then pick yourself a theme. Maybe your Instagram account focuses on adorable pictures of baby goats, rare flowers, big waves, or cultural photography. Whatever it is, make yourself an authority on that theme.


3. Hashtags


How to use them? That seems like the big debate, so when it comes to building an audience you need to use your hashtags wisely. Don’t underuse them and don’t overuse them – stick to at most seven per post. Also, check out National Geographic Instagram style; they embed their hashtags directly into their text. The copy reads well and it doesn’t seem like they are begging for likes. Also, using less popular hashtags increases the amount of time that your post spends at the top of that feed. If you post your photo #love, it will barely be on top for a heartbeat – but try hashtagging something more unique like #getoutstayout and your post will be around much longer.


4. Learn


Spend time on Instagram every day. Build your own collection of interesting people to follow. If you spend some quality time looking at beautiful images every day, you will become a better photographer. Study what works and what doesn’t work. Beautiful images catch the eye and get more likes.


5. Interact


Instagram prizes itself as a community – if you become an active member of that community, people will come out and support you. You will find yourself quickly building a devoted following. This means that you need to spend time linking to others’ images, responding to all of your comments, and starting a dialogue with other members. It takes time, but if you really want to build a following, this is the best way.

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