Guide to Surviving Air Travel: 5 Helpful Tips to Making Your Journey Much More Comfortable

jacket with hood

On airflights, we’re completely out of control of so many of our usual habits. The temperature is usually set very cold, and your mealtimes are subject to their serving schedule. When you have a long flight, it is often a struggle to make yourself comfortable. Here are five things that you should bring to make your flight much more enjoyable.

1. Socks


It feels so good to take your shoes off and settle into your seat, but if you wore shoes without socks your feet will get very cold very quickly. Bring a clean, warm, fuzzy pair of socks and they will help make you much more comfortable.

2. Food + food to share

food and food to share

Staying well fed on your flight will make it much more pleasurable – but unless you get really lucky, the food they serve won’t be great. Few people know that you can bring your own food – just make sure that it is not liquid-based. There is no better way to make friends than to share a snack.

3. Water


Sitting in the recirculated air of the airplane for a long time dehydrates you very quickly. Avoid getting headaches and not feeling well by bringing plenty of water with you. I bring an empty liter water bottle with me through security. Once I have made it past that inspection, I find a restaurant and ask them to fill it for me. As long as there is not another security checkpoint at the gate, you should not have any problems bringing it on the flight. Staying hydrated will also greatly help in combating any sort of jet lag you might face. Often I add some extra electrolytes and salt to my water to make sure that I am replenishing those components.

4. Toothbrush and toothpaste

toothbrush and tooth paste

When taking a long flight, I always make sure that I have my toothbrush and a very small tube of toothpaste tucked away in my bag. Either on the flight or during my layover, brushing my teeth makes me feel so much cleaner and refreshed.

5. Jacket with hood

jacket with hood

It can be frigid on flights. Make sure you bring a jacket to keep you warm,and if it has a hood, that’s even better. You can either bunch the hood up and use it for a pillow, or wear it to keep your head warm. Sometimes if it is bright and noisy I also pull it over my eyes, and as it covers my ears as well, it helps me block out all of the activity.

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