DIY Map Cufflinks

DIY Map Cufflinks

Repurpose old maps into dazzling Christmas gifts.

Map Cufflinks

What can you do with an old, outdated map? Repurpose it! Try killing two birds with one stone this Christmas and take a stab at this incredibly easy (and cost effective) map cufflink set; an excellent stocking stuffer or gift idea with a personal touch.

There are a number of customizable cufflink suppliers available online. For this particular project, we grabbed some for $8.70 from Annie Howes. The top, coupled by a plastic shield, screws off of the mount, allowing for a simple switch of map locations for future adventures.

Place the top directly over the map’s point of interest and trace a circle. For this set, we used images from Benchmark Maps atlases.

Cut them out and enjoy!

What other projects would you do to repurpose an old map?

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