Celebrate International Map Day!

Maps.com Announces Launch of International Map
“Here at Maps.com, we love to celebrate maps.
What better way to celebrate than to give Maps their own day!”

Maps.com is excited to inaugurate International Map Day on February 3rd. Why this date? February 3rd is Ferdinand Magellan’s birthday, and he is the explorer credited with the first circumnavigation of the Earth, and therefore bringing the world a complete world map! Maps.com’s founding name was Magellan Geographix, named for Ferdinand Magellan too! So we want to celebrate this explorer, and his contribution to history and to learning and discovery with maps!


Maps are fantastic!

They deserve a special day. We use maps everyday, on our phones, in our cars, in the classroom, taking a trip, and even at home. We cannot go a day without maps! People have relied on maps for centuries, and they continue to endure and fascinate. They are even decorative. But maps are far more than decoration. First, they are a visual way of presenting data. In this way, they can simplify complex patterns and provide insight. Seeing a map can help viewers make better decisions because they add vital context and reveal parameters at a glance.

Maps are inspiring!

They can take us on a journey. We can engage an audience with maps to tell interesting stories. Maps inspire collaboration and conversation. Visuals are compelling. They can change a person’s perspective. Looking at data on a map helps people ask questions. What is missing? What else do we need to know? How can we leverage our position better?

Maps.com has every type of map and they can make custom maps with your data or for your unique perspective. Maps.com is your source of inspiration. Magellan was inspired to seek out a better route for precious spices for Spain. Find out more in this exclusive article: Exploration & Adventure: The Legacy of Ferdinand Magellan.



International Maps Day Interactive Story Map

We are offering some great freebies to help you celebrate maps at home, and in the classroom!

And of course you will also find a great assortment of maps, globes, atlases, classroom products and more at Maps.com.

Go to International Map Day on Maps.com

How else can you celebrate

Just like Earth Day, International Map Day can and should be celebrated everyday. So let’s give it up for Maps! Think of ways you can celebrate maps in your life. Draw a map, spin a globe, open an atlas, or take a journey and let a map get you there!

Happy Map Day!


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