The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Sipping coffee in Paris, walking along the Thames in England, or exploring the vibrant culture of India, all before you even get your first real job? Sounds like a dream—and it can be- for students who choose to study abroad. It can also be a nightmare for students who aren’t prepared or don’t adjust well to life in a foreign country. Below are a few pros and cons to consider about studying abroad.

Route 66 Pit Stops

Route 66 Pit Stops

From quirky to kitschy to downright awe-inspiring, Route 66 pit stops offer plenty of inspiration for photos or maybe the next Great American Novel.

5 Spring Break Destinations That Aren’t Florida

Spring Break Destinations

Each year scores of students shut the books, shed their clothes, and blow off some steam for spring break. Florida may have hot weather, gorgeous beaches and palm trees but it doesn’t have the lock on spring break partydom. From the lake to the beach to the desert there are plenty of locales that offer just the right combination of … Read More