The 7 Most Influential Travel Instagram Accounts

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Most Influential Instagram Accounts

Have you ever felt the need to hit the road? To travel somewhere with wild and unfamiliar landscapes, exotic foods, and strange wildlife? It would be great to be able to simply pick up and travel at will—and while some people do, most of us are trapped in gray office cubicles for most of the year. While there may be … Read More

10 of Our Least Favorite New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again. That special time when glitter sprinkles down and wipes away all the grit of the previous year. Everyone gets a clean slate and all that less than stellar, regrettable, or even embarrassing stuff you did in the last year gets magically wiped away. With that fresh, clean canvas we head into the new year with new resolve. However, some of those resolutions miss the mark when it comes to setting attainable goals. The following resolutions are some of the most common but most impossible, making them some of our least favorite resolution. Here is a list of our 10 least favorite New Year’s resolutions:

10 Tips for Safer Travel Abroad

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Safe travel Abroad

While traveling is generally safe—whether you’re walking the streets of Paris or browsing shops in Morocco—increased awareness can lessen the risk of your trip going from a dream to a nightmare.

Places to Engage with Native American Culture

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Native American Culture

For history buffs wanting to learn more about Native Americans, or travelers who want to take a different type of tour of the country, there are several places where you can still engage with Native American Culture. Here are a few of our favorites.