Geo-Joint: Mustang Caves

People have always sought to have places free from intervention by enemies, robbers, or prying eyes. Building something large and seemingly impregnable, like the pyramids, is one way, or you can do it by stealth, creating a space hidden from view in a distant place. Another way is to find a place so difficult to get close to that almost … Read More

Geo-Joint: Volcan Paricutin

Farmers know their fate is tied to the natural cycles of rain, heat, cold, and insect invasion. They know their soil type limits the crops they can hope to grow, and that birds and varmints may take a bite out of their harvest. Nature is a kind of frenemy, but there are rules a farmer can expect to operate within—until … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Golden Gate Bridge

Though it’s hard to imagine when looking at it now, San Francisco was once empty hills, undeveloped beaches, and open wetlands. Its protective bay made the place a natural for the safe mooring of explorers’ ships, and eventually a small town developed. As we know, the discovery of gold in the mountains east of the city led to explosive growth … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Sky on Fire – Catatumbo Lightning

Lightning can, and does, strike in the same place—not only twice, but many, many times. Of course, it helps if that place is the tip of a skyscraper in the Midwest. Tall, especially metallic objects, will provide the shortest and most attractive path for a charged cloud to let loose its abundance of electrical energy. Electrical and broadcast towers are … Read More

Geo-Joint: Pelagic Pyrosomes Present to the Playa

Source: Wikimedia: EncMstr (CC 4.0) You never know what you’ll find at the beach. Just about anything man-made can wash up, and you’ll always find the local shells and kelp. When the currents sometimes wander a little off course and the winds take odd turns, unexpected items can roll in with the waves. Recently, Pacific Coast beachwalkers from Oregon north to … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Spring Break-up

Source: Wikipedia: Northwest Boreal LCC (CC 2.0) It’s that time of year again, when the sun has crossed over the equator, and spring is bringing everything in the Northern Hemisphere to life. The storms abate, the temperatures rise, and if you live where it’s cold enough in winter, you see the snow and ice begin to melt away. If you … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Swamp Ghost and Kee Bird

The earth has a way of swallowing things up. Flood deposits, growing vegetation, landslides, tsunamis—plenty of ways to bury the past. Life moves on, people forget, mysteries are formed. This was especially true of some events of World War II. Massive scenes of destruction were played out worldwide, and when it was over, many of the participants went back to … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Strait of Hormuz

Geography affects commerce. The lay of the land determines how we move, and how we transport goods. Sometimes nature sets up a fiendish tableau, as it forces people to travel through dangerous landscapes to carry on business. One such convergence of goods, politics, enmity, and travel is in the Strait of Hormuz, at the south end of the Persian Gulf, … Read More

Geo-Joint: Raiders in the Amazon

The Geo-Joint has often focused on the intricate balance of natural systems and how they are thrown off-kilter by the introduction of foreign species. In some cases, the invaders do not survive because of climate extremes in the new land; other times they are able to find a niche that is not too disruptive to those organisms already functioning there. … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Untied States of America

“One nation, indivisible…” It’s right there in the Pledge of Allegiance that is repeated in classrooms and government events every day. Of course, at one point the nation did divide, and it was a horrific mess, but we pulled it back together. Still, there are other ways that the various states can be reorganized, and it has happened four times … Read More