Geo-Joint: British Palm Trees

British Palm Trees

There really is a place no more than 28 miles off the coast of Great Britain where not only do palm trees grow, but actual white sandy beaches and azure waters do a pretty fair imitation of the Caribbean tableau.

Geo-Joint: The Least Dense

Least Dense

Which country has the least population density? The answer to this question turned into a muddy mess of questionable statistics and bad math.

Geo-Joint: Cave Art

Cave Art

Lascaux cave was open to the public for 15 years before it became apparent that the body heat and mere breath of visitors was causing chemical reactions with the pigments of the drawings.

Geo-Joint: 100 Places to See Before You Die

100 Places to See

A lot of people have contemplated that question and more than a few have whittled the number of key destinations down to their list of “100 places to see before you die.”

Geo-Joint: Mustard


Mustard comes in a variety of species which hybridize, so there are a lot of different kinds of the plant out there. One of the most common along the coast is Brassica nigra, or black mustard, which grows quite tall and is the stuff you probably see the most of as you (locals) drive up the Gaviota Coast.

Geo-Joint: A World of Stability

stable environment

The earth has been around for something like 4.5 billion years, and life has been dated back to around 3.8 billion years. In all that time, one thing has been constant—change.

Geo-Joint: The Enchanted Highway

Enchanted Highway

way out in southwest North Dakota lies the Enchanted Highway, running north-south for 32 miles between the mega-cities of Regent and Gladstone.

Geo-Joint: Lake Vostok

Lake Vostok

At a depth of over two miles, liquid Lake Vostok has sat unseen for perhaps 35 million years.

Geo-Joint: Volcano Surfing

Volcano surfing

A wooden sled sheathed with a metal bottom is the vehicle of choice. At the back end on the bottom, a one-use sheet of plastic is attached, and by leaning back and pulling on the rope attached to the front of the sled, you can reduce your contact point to nothing but this slick surface, achieving speeds of 50 to 60 mph!