Thailand: Counting in Thai

Almost nothing will help you move through Thailand with ease more than learning how to count. You never realize how often you use numbers in your daily life until you don’t know how to say them. At the markets, buying anything, asking the time, and ordering food are just a few examples of when you are going to thank yourself … Read More

Thailand: Jackfruit & Durian

Thailand is a jackpot of exotic, delicious fruit. The fruit comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes that I would bet you could not have imagined exist on our planet. I know that time and time again I have been shocked by the beauty and diversity of the fruits that nature produces. You might recognize durian and jackfruit … Read More

Thailand: Gender in Thai

A curious aspect of the Thai language is how the words change depending on the gender of the person speaking. Don’t be surprised when you begin to notice the same sentence being spoken in different ways, depending on who is speaking. Here is an example of how gender affects the way someone speaks. To be polite, at the end of … Read More

Thailand: Khao Lom Muak

Last week we talked about what should know before tackling the 990 foot tall climb of Khao Lom Muak. This week, here are some other logistics that would be super helpful to you as you are prepping for your adventure. The view of Khao Lom Muak from the beach below. The fastest way to get to the start of the … Read More

Thailand: Khao Lom Muak: Before You Go

Get ready to work for your view—Khao Lom Muak is 990 feet tall! The climb starts with stairs and then becomes a steep rocky trail that is zig-zagged with large static ropes to aid your upward progress and the long slippery descent. Because of the difficult terrain, the military posts soldiers at different points along the trail to give a … Read More

Thailand: A Deadly Combination – Durian and Alcohol

There is a Thai belief that you should not eat durian and drink alcohol together—they often believe the combination can kill you. I thought that this was crazy, and started to do some research into the science, fully expecting that this belief was bogus. Lo and behold! There is actually some truth to this belief, and the science to back … Read More

Thailand: DON’T cut that hair!

I’m walking up the driveway and see Pancake sweeping the porch. I call out to her. I am hot, sweating, and marginally “hangry”, irritated that my plan for the afternoon has been thwarted. “Hey, Pancake! I just walked all over town, and every barbershop is closed. What, why? I just wanted to get a quick trim, my ends are long.” … Read More

Thailand: A Script in Flux

The Thai writing system was introduced in 1283, by King Ramkamhaeng, in the Sukhothai era. The script has undergone very little change since its introduction—until now. It is fascinating to study, but fashions in writing styles change, and currently, new forms of a more “modern” Thai script are being introduced into the culture. That characteristic small circular terminal is beginning … Read More

Thailand: Thai Writing System

The Thai written script is awe-inspiring from an artistic standpoint, filled with elegant characters. Once you learn to spot Thai script, it is very easy to distinguish from other Asian writing forms because of the small circular stroke terminals on many of the symbols. That is its most characteristic feature, and a truly beautiful quality. More on this later, though… … Read More

Thailand: Thai Language

There are an estimated 50 million Thai speakers worldwide. 85% of this population lives in Thailand, while the remaining 15% is found in smaller communities spread around the world. Sometimes referred to as Siamese, it is considered part of the Tai language family, which also includes Lao, the national language of Laos, the Shan language from Myanmar, and Zhuan, a … Read More