Instagram: 5 Simple Ways to Get More Followers and Likes


Set yourself a schedule of times to post, and stick to it. Your followers like consistency – if they expect you to post every day, make sure you post every day. Your schedule might be only posting weekly or bi-weekly. Whatever it is, be regular. If you can stick to posting at about the same time of day, that will also help.

Unexpected Business Advice for Boosting Your Productivity

Boosting Your Productivity

We’ve all heard the usual productivity tips like eliminating meetings or enforcing “interruption free” blocks of time throughout the day, but here’s an unconventional tip that is sure to boost productivity and delight all involved.

50 Cent’s Business Advice

50 Cent's Business Advice

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, 50 Cent, the rapper, has some business advice for you and it’s pretty darn good.