Thailand: DON’T cut that hair!

I’m walking up the driveway and see Pancake sweeping the porch. I call out to her. I am hot, sweating, and marginally “hangry”, irritated that my plan for the afternoon has been thwarted. “Hey, Pancake! I just walked all over town, and every barbershop is closed. What, why? I just wanted to get a quick trim, my ends are long.” … Read More

Geo-Joint: Chicxulub Asteroid and the End of the Big Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs. What a crazy bunch, huh? Rule the world for millions of years and then check out in one fell swoop. But if things had been just a liiiiittle bit different, they mighta coulda kept their crown. Maybe. The story of the downfall of The Big Reptiles is pretty well known. Unlike the hapless mega-lizards in Fantasia, succumbing to … Read More

Thailand: A Script in Flux

The Thai writing system was introduced in 1283, by King Ramkamhaeng, in the Sukhothai era. The script has undergone very little change since its introduction—until now. It is fascinating to study, but fashions in writing styles change, and currently, new forms of a more “modern” Thai script are being introduced into the culture. That characteristic small circular terminal is beginning … Read More

Geo-Joint: Mustang Caves

People have always sought to have places free from intervention by enemies, robbers, or prying eyes. Building something large and seemingly impregnable, like the pyramids, is one way, or you can do it by stealth, creating a space hidden from view in a distant place. Another way is to find a place so difficult to get close to that almost … Read More

Thailand: Thai Writing System

The Thai written script is awe-inspiring from an artistic standpoint, filled with elegant characters. Once you learn to spot Thai script, it is very easy to distinguish from other Asian writing forms because of the small circular stroke terminals on many of the symbols. That is its most characteristic feature, and a truly beautiful quality. More on this later, though… … Read More

Geo-Joint: Volcan Paricutin

Farmers know their fate is tied to the natural cycles of rain, heat, cold, and insect invasion. They know their soil type limits the crops they can hope to grow, and that birds and varmints may take a bite out of their harvest. Nature is a kind of frenemy, but there are rules a farmer can expect to operate within—until … Read More

Thailand: Thai Language

There are an estimated 50 million Thai speakers worldwide. 85% of this population lives in Thailand, while the remaining 15% is found in smaller communities spread around the world. Sometimes referred to as Siamese, it is considered part of the Tai language family, which also includes Lao, the national language of Laos, the Shan language from Myanmar, and Zhuan, a … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Golden Gate Bridge

Though it’s hard to imagine when looking at it now, San Francisco was once empty hills, undeveloped beaches, and open wetlands. Its protective bay made the place a natural for the safe mooring of explorers’ ships, and eventually a small town developed. As we know, the discovery of gold in the mountains east of the city led to explosive growth … Read More

Thailand: Wat Pho: What You Need To Know

This week, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what you need to know to get the most from your visit. A FEW THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WAT PHOConnector.Dress AppropriatelyOf course, being a temple, make sure you are dressed respectably, with shoulders and knees covered, wearing shoes that can easily slip on and off. Of course, being a temple, make … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Sky on Fire – Catatumbo Lightning

Lightning can, and does, strike in the same place—not only twice, but many, many times. Of course, it helps if that place is the tip of a skyscraper in the Midwest. Tall, especially metallic objects, will provide the shortest and most attractive path for a charged cloud to let loose its abundance of electrical energy. Electrical and broadcast towers are … Read More