Thailand: Let the Water Fight Begin

It is blistering hot outside, the kind of heat that dries your lungs out with every breath. I am sitting here in the shade of a mango tree, and my phone is telling me it is over 100 degrees. In my head, I am mapping out a way to make it home concealed in the shade as much as possible. … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Strait of Hormuz

Geography affects commerce. The lay of the land determines how we move, and how we transport goods. Sometimes nature sets up a fiendish tableau, as it forces people to travel through dangerous landscapes to carry on business. One such convergence of goods, politics, enmity, and travel is in the Strait of Hormuz, at the south end of the Persian Gulf, … Read More

What States are on the East Coast of the US?

Human beings like to divide things up into easily identifiable categories. This includes dividing the Earth into continents and countries. Nations are further divided up into states, territories or other political entities in order to facilitate the administration of government and services. In some cases countries are grouped together into regions, such as the Middle East, and large countries, like the US, are divided into regions, like the East Coast or the Southwest.

Geo-Joint: Raiders in the Amazon

The Geo-Joint has often focused on the intricate balance of natural systems and how they are thrown off-kilter by the introduction of foreign species. In some cases, the invaders do not survive because of climate extremes in the new land; other times they are able to find a niche that is not too disruptive to those organisms already functioning there. … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Untied States of America

“One nation, indivisible…” It’s right there in the Pledge of Allegiance that is repeated in classrooms and government events every day. Of course, at one point the nation did divide, and it was a horrific mess, but we pulled it back together. Still, there are other ways that the various states can be reorganized, and it has happened four times … Read More

Geo-Joint: Challenges for Chocolate

You don’t miss your water til your well runs dry. What could be more commonplace than a candy bar or a cup of hot chocolate? Always around, always cheap, always enjoyed, sometimes required. But the ubiquity of chocolate may diminish in years to come, because chocolate doesn’t just grow on trees. Well, actually it does grow on trees, but for … Read More

Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – Four Seasons

Reflections from the Glanville Team Who called and emailed ALL the Four Seasons and told them about our adventure, and followed up with each one. Who personally just went above and beyond to see that we had the best experience. Which was our first Four Seasons on the tour, who started the idea of contacting all the Four Seasons and … Read More

Major League Baseball Tour 2016 – James’ Take-Away of the Trip

Christie and James embarked on their challenge to attend a Major League Baseball game at each of the Major League Baseball stadiums around the country within 125 days. After the fall of 2015, James had completed Fall Ball with the Santa Barbara Pony League, playing for the Washington Nationals. James has been playing with a team for the last year … Read More

Geo-Joint: A Little Bit About Kyrgyzstan

If you’re like most people casually interested in geography, you know there are a bunch of countries in Central Asia that get somewhat dismissively referred to as “the Stans.” All their names end in “…stan,” and except for the ones that end up on a map behind the news anchor (Afghanistan, Pakistan), they don’t make a big impression on the … Read More

Geo-Joint: The St. Francis Dam Disaster

The story of how Los Angeles grew from a sleepy little village to a world-class megalopolis is well known. Though it began next to a river, that watercourse was unreliable—sometimes a raging torrent, but mostly a small flow, or in bad times, dry. If Los Angeles was to grow, it needed more of that liquid. William Mulholland and his fellow … Read More