Building Your Brand With Instagram: 5 Simple Steps

Build your Brand on Instagram



Theme – Brainstorm a list of themes that would fit your brand. Decide on 2 or 3 to use for your account.




Focus – Feature your product in 2/3 of the photo

Quality – Use high resolution photos

Variety – Experiment with using filters and not. Is a certain style getting more attention?

Refine – Over time you will find the handful of filters or non that fit your brand most.




Experiment – Find the best times to post on Instagram.

Optimize11 is the magic number for hashtags on posts with the most engagement.

Vary – Use a mix of trendy hashtags with your brand specific and industry specific hashtags.





Ask Questions – Use the comment section to ask your followers about their opinions.

Respond – Don’t just ask questions and go silent, show your followers you’re listening by responding back.

Like, follow, and Comment – Find posts you enjoy and like them. Find accounts you love and follow them. See a post that you connect with, comment. It’s all about staying engaged. If you’re short on time and willing to take a risk, you can use Instagress to handle most of your likes, follows, and comments. Just be warned, these kinds of services go against Instagram policy and could get your account banned.




Chat – Always reply back to comments. If you have something special to share, send them a direct message. It makes your tribe feel a part of your brand’s community.

Contests – Everyone loves free stuff. Excite your audience with the chance to get one of your stellar products for freezies.

Coupons – Special savings for your most loyal followers.

Sneak Peeks – Reward them for their loyalty by giving them first looks of your new products. is the nation’s leading map superstore and we’re also a custom cartography house with a focus on business solutions. Check out our Solutions page to see how we can help grow your business today.

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