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Mass Transit Map Art

Maybe you take the Portland MAX to work daily? or you regularly take the Boston T to your favorite Irish Pub on Saturday night?  Maybe you braved the Paris Metro to see the Eiffel Tower on last your vacation? Or the New York Subway system kept you from having to find parking in the city all through your twenties? Whatever you utilize public transportation for, it’s clear that  subway systems are more than just a way to get commuters from point A to point B. They’re the veins of the cities, bringing life to the various districts and areas that you love. Blog

Our friends at have created these beautiful graphic interpretations of the mass transit systems of various cities around the world.

Mass Transit Map Art

Mass Transit Map Art

Take a look at the cities that are offered and see if any of these public transportation systems have affected your daily life. In a variety of colors, these make a beautiful and trendy addition to any home or office. They’re an awesome Christmas or birthday gift for an adventurer or a fan of a particular city. With 25 cities to choose from, you’re bound to find a subway system that unearths  nostalgic feelings.

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