8 of the Wackiest Hotels to Get Your Weird On

Wackiest Hotels

Luxury hotels? Who needs them? You’ve done the pillow top beds, views of the city lights, and all night room service. It’s time to get your weird on, and these hotels strike the perfect wacky/classy balance that make them a must visit.

Dog Bark Inn Hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho

Stay in the belly of a beagle at the Dog Bark Hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho. It just might be the wackiest bed and breakfast you’ve ever visited. Guests access the body of the beagle from a private second story balcony that features prairie views and starry nights. Once inside, there are multiple levels for sleeping or just lounging. The rooms are adorned with furnishings carved by Dog Bark Inn’s very own husband and wife chainsaw artists.


Image: Wikimedia

Wigwam Village, Holbrook, Arizona

A chain of hotels built in the 1940s and 1950s, these tipi-shaped accommodations originally had seven different locations. Now, though, only three locations remain, including one in Holbrook, Arizona. They are just as much of an attraction as they were when they were first built. You’ll also find a collection of vintage cars from the 1960s on display. The accommodations are simple but unique, and in keeping with its restoration back to its original look there are no phones, TV or internet- just a sweet slice of Americana.


Image: Wikimedia 

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast, Farmington, New Mexico

What better way to sit back and watch the sun set than from a cozy cliff dwelling? If you’re in Farmington, New Mexico, there is no better way to take in all the beauty of the Southwest. This luxury bed and breakfast was originally intended as an office for the owner, a consulting geologist. The 1,700 sq. ft. cave features comfortable amenities like a waterfall shower and Jacuzzi tub. And the views are priceless.


Image: FunMozar

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California

The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California features 110 rooms, each decorated with its own theme and color scheme. Stay in the American Beauty Room, California Poppy Room, Country Gentlemen, the celebration of pink that is the Carin, or the Daisy Mae, featuring rock floors, walls and ceiling, or any number of wild and kitschy themes. The Madonna Inn may have kitsch in spades but it is also big on luxury with full amenities, a spa and steakhouse, and a world-class bakery and pastry shop.

Madonna_Inn_steakhouse_8387483311Image: Wikimedia 

Jules’ Undersea Lodge Florida

Have you ever wondered what your goldfish thinks about when you’re staring at him outside of the fishbowl? Well, here’s your chance to find out what life is really like on the inside. Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida is located at Largo Undersea Park’s mangrove lagoon. See tropical angelfish, parrotfish, barracuda, and snapper outside the glass of your lodge. The lodge serves as an artificial reef for underwater species. Dive to the lodge and enter via the lodge’s wet room much the way you would emerge from a swimming pool. Remove your dive gear and then enter the main lodge which features two sleeping areas and a common room. The lodge is monitored 24 hours a day by land-based staff. There’s access to telephones and television but who wants to watch that when you can peek out the glass window and watch a myriad of sea life staring back at you?

undersealodgeImage: Pinterest

Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort Takilma, Oregon

Forget getting back to nature, get back to being a kid at the Out’n’About Treesort in Takilma, Oregon. This bed and breakfast is located on 36 acres of private pastures and woods next to Siskiyou National Forest Land. Participate in arts and crafts, whoosh across the site on a zip line, or hang around on a giant Tarzan swing. Then climb into one of the treesort’s treehouse lodges and spend the night remembering your own beloved childhood treehouse.

3050478849_61febc53d5_zImage: Flickr

Milos Windmill, Greece

Instead of trying to fight a windmill, Don Quixote should have just stayed in one. But you know better, so leave your armor behind and get set for peace and relaxation at one of several Milos Windmills in Greece. The windmills have a ground floor and additional floors above, as well as full amenities. Each room is furnished with old style island furniture harkening back to days gone by. Relax inside the windmill or sit outside and take in the panoramic view of the island and the Aegean Sea.

Cyclades_MillImage: Wikimedia 

Giraffe Manor

Rothschild’s giraffes wander around the stately building that is Giraffe Manor in Kenya. You’ll also see them wander the green gardens of the 12-acre estate and visit every morning and night, poking their heads into the windows hoping for a treat. If interacting with giraffes isn’t enough for you and your family, sightseeing vehicles stand at the ready to take you to visit other sanctuaries where you can get up close with lots of other animals as well. Room service takes on a whole different meaning after feeding a giraffe from your bedroom suite.


Image: Wikimedia


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