50 Cent’s Business Advice

50 Cent's Business Advice

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, 50 Cent, the rapper, has some business advice for you and it’s pretty darn good. Business Magazine featured his 8 Business Lessons Learned on the Street. Below are a few of my favorites from the self proclaimed P.I.M.P., but don’t miss out on reading the full article here.

Rely on yourself

rely on yourself

50 knew himself well enough to know he wasn’t a good fit as anyone’s employee. So, what did he do? Did he sit around jobless? Did he clock in and out, day after day, working for someone else? No. 50 hustled. He got a job with a local drug dealer. Then, he came up with a plan and was out of there and working for himself within a week. Respect. Even after making it in the rap game 50 said “as he became famous he set to work developing his own record label with the intention of one day making it independent of his record label Interscope.”

Never stop moving

never stop moving

Experiment and diversify. “Instead of trying to have control over one large area, 50 Cent ‘started experimenting with four or five hustles at the same time; inevitably one of the angles would work and pay for all the others,’ Greene writes. He also gave the people he worked with freedom, as long as they delivered.”

Think of your audience before making a decision

think of audience

This should be every marketers motto and process. “He (50 Cent) would post a rough cut of a song and see how fans reacted. Depending on the reaction, he would make adjustments or release the song as an official single. He even did this for rival rappers’ songs to see what his fans were into.”


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