5 Hidden Waterfront Campgrounds

5 Hidden Waterfront Campgrounds

Fond memories of childhood camping sticks with us and encourages us to give our families the same experience. Whether you are a couple or a family, these five hidden waterfront campgrounds will suit anyone looking for that adventurous and outdoorsy getaway for the final weeks of summer.

 1.    Haena Beach Park (Hawaii)

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Haena Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the north side of Kauai. Mount Makana is a major contributing factor to the unsurpassed beauty of this beach. It’s the perfect place for camping and picknics. The park provides access to trails and ancient Hawaiian sites. Due to ripcurrents, the waters are considered quite treacherous, especially in the winter. However, lifeguards are always present on this beach for your safety.


2.    Kenai Fjords National Park (Alaska)

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Located in the southern part of Alaska, Kenai Fjords National park is popular for camping and hiking by adventurous tourists. The naturally beautiful landscape is littered with glaciers and lakes. The area is also inhabited by abundant wildlife like Alaskan brown bears,  sea lions, sea otters, whales and many others. If you love camping, hiking or wildlife then this park should be at the top of your list. It is extremely remote and is only accessible via the Anchorage airport.


3. Gold Bluffs Beach (California)

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Gold Bluffs beach is a 10 mile stretch of sand, located within Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. This secluded beach has canyons nearby, which boast 50-foot high walls. Make sure to pack some sunscreen, if you plan on venturing into the sand dunes because the sun can be intense! The campgrounds also offer toilets, and showers, so you don’t have to completely rough it.


4.    Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park (Oregon)

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5. Cape Lookout National Seashore (North Carolina)

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This beachfront is only reachable by boat. There are long beaches and many salt marshes, which it is ideal for catching fish, clams, crabs and other seafood. Camping within the dunes is a real camping experience. There are very few amenities and campers are required to bring everything they will need during their stay, including water and firewood. This is a small price to pay for the beauty and remoteness of this gorgeous beach.

Featured Author: Bren Hammel

Bren is a regular at One Mile Beach Holiday Park, and has also traveled the world and been to many different beaches and campgrounds. “Camping brings a whole new experience each time you holiday, nothing is ever the same and each day is very different from the last.”

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