3 Actionable Steps to Build Your Content Empire

Build Your Content Empire

1. Decide on Your Audience


Follow this guide to create your user persona. A user persona is a profile of your ideal user/customer/viewer. They can be a lot of fun to make. You may need multiple personas depending on your goals.


2. Imitate Popular Content


Use Similar Web to find popular websites in your genre. Make a list of the types of content they feature and the types of headlines they use. Use this information as a starting point to create your content. I like creating a content calendar first with the title of each piece on the day I want it to go live, then I go through the calendar title by title to create the content needed. I’ll create 3 to 4 months of content at a time, schedule it to go live on the day I planned, and schedule the social media alerts from Hootsuite for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


3. Advertise on Social Media


Facebook ads are scaleable & focused. Outside of working for Maps.com, I own several small e-com businesses. I’ve been able to boost sales, likes, and views of my products with focused facebook ads and $60 dollars. Learn how to create an effective facebook ad here.


Looking for more content marketing advice? Listen to Digital Alchemy Episode 30: How to Build A Content Empire.

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