25 Ways to Repurpose Old Maps

25 Ways to Repurpose Old Maps

Have you ever done anything more with a book other than read it? Have you ever torn out pages in succession, putting them in neat piles to be cut into different shapes right before gluing them back together in a precise design of perfect patterns? Chances are you are either nodding excitedly or gasping in horror. If you’re of the choking variety, you must take a look at the creativity and beauty book artists are coming up with these days.

Maps and books have a lot in common; you’ll find them at the same stores, they hold a lot of information on pieces of paper, the oldest ones are the best kind, and there are a thousand ways to make one infinitely different from its predecessor. Another thing they have in common is their nature of reinvention. It’s quite incredible, really, the array of design one can extract from a dusty old map. But behold – the internet has given us, yet again, a plethora of interesting ideas. Now get out your scissors and make something new!

1. Party Favor Map Bottle Tags

party favor bottle tags

2. Hang a Map as Art

Hanging wall maps

Image: Urban Outfitters

3. Print Over an Old Map


4. Map Envelopes


Image: Etsy

5. Map Origami Garland

map origami garland

Image: Etsy


6. Map Bottle Cap Art

Map Bottle Cap Art

Image: Swift Maps

7. Map Pinwheels

Map Pinwheels

Image: Bow Ties & Bliss

8. Vintage Map Ornament

Vintage Map Ornament

9. Sew Your Trip Onto an Old Maps

Sew Your trips

Image: Martha Stewart


10. Map Lamp

Map Lamp

Image: Not on the High Street

11. Map Themed Bowl

Map Themed Bowl

Image: Weckner Design


12. Map Bracelets

Map Bracelets

Image: Love + Cupcakes


13. Use Maps to Wrap Gifts

Use Maps to Wrap Gifts

Image: Eco Artwork Notes


14. Cover a Cardboard Animal

Inspired by this image, which is under copyright protection 😉

Cover a Cardboard Animal

Image: Cardboard Safari

15. Customize Your Candles

Customize your candles


Image: The Knot


16. Globe Snowmen

Globe Snowmen

Image: Simplified Bee

17. Decoupage Maps to Furniture

Decoupage Maps to Furniture

Image: Roddy & Ginger


18. Layer Old Maps

Layer Old Maps

Image: Kidspace Stuff


19. Make a Gift Box

Make a gift box

Image: Dishfunctional Designs


20. Map Cufflinks

Map cufflinks


21. Fix Up an Old Watch

21. Fix Up an Old Watch

Image: AliExpress



22. Age Your Map

Age Your Map

Image: Stone Gable


23. Map Nail Art

Map Nail Art


24. Map Confetti

Map Confetti

Image: Not on the high Street


25. Map iPhone Case

DIY Map iPhone Case

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