Geo-Joint: A Waterworks Way Down Below

Everywhere you go in the solar system, they call Earth the water planet. We’re famous for it. Oceans cover about three-quarters of the surface, and they’re pretty deep. Of course there is a store of freshwater on the land itself too, and aquifers beneath it holding an additional component of the Earth’s total. Some scientists are now theorizing that way … Read More

Geo-Joint: Large-Scale Map Models are a Big Relief

Smartphone users can claim to carry maps of the whole world in their pocket, though you can only see a few square inches at a time. A folded map allows you a bigger view if you have the space to unfold it. Some wall maps are a number of feet long, and unlikely to to ever be carried along to … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Devil’s in the Details of Columnar Basalt

Not too long ago, the Geo-Joint looked into the history and nature of flood basalts. These massive flows of volcanic material over long periods of time had some drastic planetary-scale effects on atmospheric chemistry and the evolution of life itself. So these were some scary, big-deal events. But aside from nearly wiping out life on Earth, basaltic lava flows do … Read More

Geo-Joint: Art of the Bird’s-Eye View

People sometimes say a map is a work of art, and there are innumerable examples of very beautiful cartography. Still, they’re maps, and their technical brilliance makes them more a tool than an objet d’art. Advanced usage of shaded relief and hypsometric tinting pushes cartography closer to the definition of art, but there is a further step, one that truly … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Cold Case of the Great Unconformity

Humans had lived on Earth for a long time, wondering how the planet came to look as it did, before some began to realize the answers were right under their feet. Geology is the science of understanding earth materials and the processes that rework them into different forms. Through this understanding comes the piecing together of Earth’s history from a … Read More

Geo-Joint: Aviation Graveyards

When a car gets into a bad collision or simply wears itself out, the last stop is the junkyard. Every auto has at least a few pieces that can be used to further the life of similar models in need of a replacement part. Other means of transportation also reach the end of their useful life and head for the … Read More

Geo-Joint: Manufacturing More of Hong Kong

Cities, like households, find themselves running out of room as the family grows, but the four walls continue to confine. In inland areas, it’s just a matter of spreading out into surrounding land, perhaps expanding the city limits. However, for cities fronting the coast, and even more so for cities on islands, the options are fewer. Building up as opposed … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Monumental Recognition of Fame

Famous people are by definition usually well known in their time, actively doing something that draws attention. After they’re gone, their memory can fade if not for efforts to maintain the story of their deeds in books, music, paintings, photographs, or by word of mouth. These are all a little fragile, and some of these forms must be sought out … Read More

Geo-Joint: Unique Locales that Defy Decomposition

Some time ago, the Geo-Joint looked at underwater logging. No, that doesn’t involve scuba divers with waterproof chainsaws but rather the retrieval of cut logs that were meant to float downstream to a collection area but sank instead. Lying for years or even decades at the bottom of cold lakes, the logs are well preserved, and some are so old … Read More

Geo-Joint: The Temporary World of a Vernal Pool

The Earth presents challenges, and life responds. No matter what the extremes, living things find a way to tolerate whatever levels of temperature, rainfall, sunshine, wind, slope, and soil chemistry a habitat may provide. Occasionally, even a generally moderate region will feature a certain corner that presents difficulty as well as opportunity, and plants and animals find a way to … Read More